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BlackBerry 10: the first class HTML5 mobile platform

BlackBerry 10The new BlackBerry Z10 is on sale around the world with a whole new operating system and browser. In this post I’ll go through the important information for web and app developers about one of the most powerful HTML5 platforms available today.

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BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 HTML5: notifications, Flash and the dangerous 3D WebGL

A year ago, I’ve reviewed the BlackBerry Browser for PlayBook –the tablet from RIM- as the browser with better support on new HTML5 APIs (see 1.0 review). Yesterday, 2.0 version of the operating system was released for free for every user and I’ve just investigated the new APIs available. Let’s see what I’ve found.

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How to create click-to-call links for mobile browsers

Remember: most mobile devices are also phones! So, why not create link-to-call actions? If you’re creating a business guide, or even for your own unique phonebook, most people will prefer to call a person instead of filling in a form on the device.

In this article, we analyze the new URI schemes, some meta tags and also how to call Skype or Facetime applications from a website. Read the rest of this entry »


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Mobile Widgets Overview

In 2009, I speaked at InsideMobile 2009, organized by O’Reilly & 360 conferences, about mobile widget development. Here is the presentation


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