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As you may already know, I’ve written some books including “Programming the Mobile Web” from O’Reilly Media. As a reader, it’s great to see great opportunities to get this books with discount. Today 11-29, O’Reilly is offering a great promotion –60% off of ebooks and videos– in celebration of Cyber Monday. This promotion includes “Programming the Mobile Web” ebook and “High Performance Mobile Websites” workshop video.

If you want to get “Programming the Mobile Web”, the ebook version, today is the day. Available in different formats -for Kindle, epub, PDF & more-, the 512-pages book will introduce you on everything you need to know to develop mobile websites, webapps and hybrids including HTML5, widgets, PhoneGap, device detection, phone integration, JavaScript libraries, SEO and WPO.

Today’s promotion: 60% off! Just use the discount code DDF2H after ordering your favorite ebook or video from O’Reilly catalog. Make your order here.

For those interested in mobile web high performance, the promotion also includes my last workshop at Velocity 2010 in Santa Clara, CA: “Mobile Web High Performance”, a 1:15 duration workshop in video.

If you are interested in mobile web design and development, my personal recommendations to take advantage of this promotion are:

And remember, today all ebooks 60% off! Use the discount code DDF2H.

Talking about videos, my recommendations are:

Enjoy this @OReillyMedia promotion!


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