Presenting Mobile HTML5 compatibility tables

September 2011 was a busy month for the mobile web space. While we are still waiting for iOS5, Android Ice cream sandwich, new mobile browsers appeared in the ecosystem: Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone 7.5, Firefox 7 for Android and the upcoming Amazon Silk to be included in the new Amazon Prime tablet.

While the mobile space changes, there is one problem in the HTML5 world: the web community doesn’t fully understand the mobile world. That is why excellent resources such as Modernizr & don’t have accurate information about the mobile web space and web developers should not rely on that information.

HTML5 is on everybody’s mouth but web developers have a great challenge: understanding mobile web space and guessing if an HTML5 feature has enough compatibility in the market to start using and testing with it.

That is why, while I was presenting at the great Breaking Development conference in Nashville, I’ve announced a new project:

Back in 2010 for my book Programming the Mobile Web, I’ve made a lot of testing over dozens of different mobile browsers. And that was the start for this new project.

And now I have a new big impulse for creating this site, a new upcoming book is now official: Mobile HTML5 to be published in early 2012 by O’Reilly Media, co-authored with Estelle Weyl, a great partner for this new project.

So is the result of hours of testing over mobile browsers and I hope everyone can use and contribute to. This is just the start and I’m planning a bunch of new features for the following weeks, including: getting deeper in each API to understand differences between platforms; testing suites and code samples.



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