45 most useful guidelines for mobile web design & development

As you may already know, the mobile web world seems like a dark area for many web designers and web developers. There is quantity of myths around it (such as the ones I’ve covered in my book Programming the Mobile Web) and plenty of mobile browsers and different versions. Let’s look at the 45 most useful official resources.

Unfortunately, not every browser has its official documentation available, so my work for the book was more a matter of research and testing over every feature (512 pages are witnesses of this process). And remember: most of these guidelines are incomplete and sometimes inaccurate! However, they can be a good place to start looking at.

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iOS (iPhone and iPad) useful guidelines

Android Browser useful guidelines

Nokia and Symbian useful guidelines

BlackBerry useful guidelines

HP webOS useful guidelines

Internet Explorer Mobile useful guidelines

Opera useful guidelines

Other platforms useful guidelines

Do you want all this information and much more in one place? Check the book available in different formats or preview it here ;-)


5 thoughts on “45 most useful guidelines for mobile web design & development

  1. That’s not 45 guidelines, that’s 45 _sets_ of guidelines. That’s waaaay too much to plow through. If only someone would compile it into a single set of guidelines to cover them all.

  2. Thany, I agree with you! In fact, you need to know much more after reading the 45 guidelines. The only resource I know covering them all is the book Programming the Mobile Web, I’ve written this year. If you want, I can send you a discount code to buy it. More info on http://www.mobilexweb.com/book.

  3. Hi, for mobile web apps, I have combinations of different screen resolutions with different densities I want to fix the image size for buttons for those combinations. Can anyone help?

  4. Ahh, this compilation / list will really come in handy for the mobile website project I am working on this afternoon, thank you! What I need now is some advice on using a mobile and desktop site on the same domain. I need to display the mobile site if the device width is small; or the desktop one if the width is large – like a traditional desktop PC. Gonna be tedious but fun! :)

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